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Dependable Water Treatment and Water Testing Services in Nova Scotia

Are you a homeowner who’s worried about the quality of water at your new residence? Or are you a business owner looking to get the water in your office tested? Getting quality water for day-to-day use shouldn't be a stressful task. That’s where Diamond Water Treatment Service Ltd comes in. Our company has over fifteen years of experience in the water treatment and water testing industry. Over the years, we have solved water problems for people in Halifax, South Shore, Mahone Bay and other parts of Nova Scotia. We strive for the highest customer satisfaction, and that’s why we offer yearly maintenance for water treatment systems and also repair them if needed. You can reach out to us for a free estimate, and we can discuss your needs at length.

How We Can Help

At Diamond Water Treatment Service Ltd, we can help you with the following:

Hard water treatment

Arsenic removal

UV systems

Water softeners

Reverse osmosis systems



UV sterilizers

Water testing

Commercial and residential services

Free tutorial for new homeowners after installation

View of water tanks as a part of water filtration system

Worried about the Cost?

You don’t need to! We offer free estimates on all our services to make things easy for you.

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